Below is a sample nine month student expense budget for 2017-2018 academic year. The amounts stated below are estimates and your individual expense budget may differ.

Bayan offers students scholarships that can reduce the Tuition by up to 30% during each semester of enrollment. Additional scholarships are available on an annual basis through the Islamic Scholarship Fund (ISF).

Annual Anticipated Educational Expenses

Tuition $21,120 (24 units)
Books & Supplies $1,000
Room & Board $14,400
Transportation $1,800
Miscellaneous $3,000
Total $41,320


M.A., Non-Degree $880 per unit
Non-Degree, Certificate $2,640 per 3-unit course*
Continuous Registration Fee (M.A.) $880 per semester
Continuing Education Units (CEU) variable (ex. $150 per CEU)
(*Students intending to transfer non-degree courses into a degree program should take them for credit, and not “audit” such courses.)

Application and Admissions Fees

Application for Admission $50
Admission Confirmation Deposit $200

Continuing Education option for community members

Hybrid-Intensive courses with visiting faculty $1,000 per course
Regular On-campus courses $450 per course
Online courses $450 per course

Course Laboratory Fees (only for certain courses)

Preaching Lab $50 per class
Supervision in the Pastoral Counseling and Pastoral Psychotherapy tracks (billed for LSC3041A, LSC3041B, LSC3042A, LSC3042B, LSC4041A, LSC4041B, LSC4042A, and SC4042B) $1,300

Housing Fees

Housing Application $60
Housing Confirmation & Cleaning Fee $750 and up
Pet Fee $250 per pet
Lost Key / Replacement Fee $20

Transcript Fees

Official Transcripts $10 per transcript
Unofficial Transcripts $5 per transcript


Late Tuition Payment Fee $100 per week up to 3 weeks
Tuition Deferred Payment Agreement Fee $35 per semester
Identification Card Replacement $15
Late Registration Fee $75
Returned Check Fee $35 per returned check

Required Medical Insurance Coverage

You are required to maintain medical insurance during your enrollment at Claremont School of Theology / Bayan Claremont. You must either:
(1) provide proof of acceptable medical insurance coverage during registration or
(2) purchase medical insurance through the School. If you do not provide proof of coverage, you will automatically be enrolled in the medical insurance program provided by the School, and you will be billed. For more information, please contact the CST Admissions office.

Medical Insurance Rates

Effective September 1, 2013

Monthly Fall Spring Annual
Student Only $277.09 $1,206.68 $2,118.40 $3,325.08
Student + 1 $756.46 $3,294.26 $5,783.26 $9,077.52
Student + Family $1,238.60 $5,393.90 $9,469.30 $14,863.20