Our Graduates – Making a Difference

Hafsa Arain is an interfaith activist and writer. Upon graduation, she served as a university chaplain and student life advisor at the University of La Verne. She currently serves as Bayan’s Coordinator in Administration and Student Services.


César Domínguez is of Mexican descent and has an extensive background in the performing arts. He is pursuing advanced Arabic at Al-Azhar University, after which he plans to serve as an imam for the Latino Muslim community in the U.S. and Mexico.


Mahmoud Harmoush is an experienced imam and community leader. He is active in Syrian American affairs. He is also an Arabic instructor at local colleges and schools.

Valentina is a co-founder of I am Jerusalem, an Orange County non-profit organization promoting our common humanity through clothing, accessories and other personal items. She attributes her love for diversity and doing community work to her supportive and kind community in Tustin.

Reza Nekunamesh is the Director of the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno, where he provides religious leadership and youth counseling. He is also Board Member of the Muslim Advisory Council of Central California.

Abdurrahim Ozcan serves as an Imam for the southern California Turkish-Muslim community. Upon graduating from Bayan, he began pursuing a Ph.D. in Comparative Religion at Claremont School of Theology.

Seyed Hadi Qazwini is an Associate Imam at the Islamic Education Center of Orange County. He is an educator and lecturer invited by many Muslim organizations and mosques to speak on religious topics.

Jihad Saafir is an Imam at Masjid Ibaadullah in Los Angeles. He is also the founder of Islah Academy, a K-8 charter school serving Muslims and others in the community.