About Bayan Claremont

Bayan Claremont is a graduate school operating since 2011 at Claremont School of Theology that educates American Muslim scholars and religious leaders, both men and women. Bayan offers graduate masters and doctorate level degrees in various fields of Islamic religious sciences. This college will produce a cadre of pioneering indigenous Muslim scholars and leaders who will positively serve the needs of the Islamic community in the religious and cultural pluralism of North American societies. In addition to providing a foundation in traditional fields of Islamic scholarship, Bayan prepares its graduates to engage the current and future generations of American Muslims.

One of the things that makes Bayan a unique endeavor is its close connection to other theological schools in the area, namely the Claremont School of Theology (CST) and the Academy for Jewish Religion, California (AJRCA). These partnerships enable each student to not only study his or her own religious tradition but also to study the other great world religions from scholars of those faiths and alongside the future leaders of those communities. As it is part of the core curricula, the graduates of Bayan and of the partner schools will have received real-world training on interfaith cooperation. Thus, interfaith collaboration will become a natural part of their work in their respective communities.

The implications of Bayan Claremont for Islam in America are tremendous in that it will increase the number of those who are qualified and well-positioned to effectively present the Islamic faith to the broader American society. The success of Bayan will be an historic milestone for Muslims in America.