Bayan students can also enroll in the classes of our partner schools:

Claremont School of Theology

Claremont School of Theology comes from a long tradition of crossing boundaries in seminary education. From the beginning the School embraced the California ethos by being open to new ideas and taking on tough issues. From liberation and feminist theologies to social justice issues, such as civil and sexual rights, CST’s faculty members have spoken out early and forcefully. CST has consistently turned outward to meet human needs—even when that has meant a dramatic re-imagining of mission and programs.

The Academy for Jewish Religion, California

The Academy for Jewish Religion, California, is a trans-denominational, pluralistic institution dedicated to training rabbis, cantors, and chaplains. An intellectually rigorous institution, its faculty welcomes the opportunity to be part of the widest possible partnerships among other faiths and traditions.

The University of the West

The University of the West (formerly known as Hsi Lai University) is a Buddhist institution founded in 1991 as a contemporary university intent on educating, inspiring, and preparing students to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex and globally interdependent world.