Below is a sample nine month student expense budget for 2020-2021 academic year. The amounts stated below are estimates and your individual expense budget may differ.

Annual Anticipated Educational Expenses

Tuition $22,848 (24 units)
Books & Supplies $1,000
Travel and Lodging Expenses for Intensives $3,000 (up to $1,500 per semester)
Food and purchases during Intensives ($25/day) $500 (up to $250 per semester)
Miscellaneous $500
Total $27,848


M.A., Non-Degree $2,856 per 3-unit courseĀ  ($952 per unit)
Non-Degree, Certificate $2,856 per 3-unit course*
Course Audit $968 per course
Continuing Education Units (CEU) variable
(*Students intending to transfer non-degree courses into a degree program should take them for credit, and not “audit” such courses.)

Application and Admissions Fees

Application for Admission (non-refundable) $50
Admission Confirmation Deposit (non-refundable) $150


Transcript Fees

Official Transcripts $10 per transcript
Unofficial Transcripts $5 per transcript


Late Tuition Payment Fee 10%