Registration Currently Open for Summer 2020 online Arabic courses

Enroll in either 8-week intensive:

Arabic 1A & 1B (Beginning level / Equivalent of 2 semesters)
Arabic 2A & 2B (Intermediate level / Equivalent of 2 semesters)


1A and 2A: June 8 – July 3, 2020

1B and 2B: July 20 – August 14, 2020

  • Daily Self-paced Learning + Four Live Online Meetings per Week (usually Monday through Thursday) with Your Instructor
  • 100% online program involving self-paced work (4-5 hours/day of preparation and homework) and instructor-led learning (2 hours per day in Zoom)
  • University-level Classical Arabic
  • Beginning or Intermediate levels offered in intensive 8-week program

Registration Deadline: May 22

Get to know Prof. Elijah Reynolds as he shares his personal story
of embarking on the study of Arabic.



  • Beginning Arabic 1A (first semester of first-year level)
  • Intermediate Arabic 2A (first semester of second-year level)
  • Advanced Arabic 3A (first semester of third-year level)


  • Beginning Arabic 1B (second semester of first-year level)
  • Intermediate Arabic 2B (second semester of second-year level)
  • Advanced Arabic 3B (second semester of third-year level)



  • Beginning Arabic 1A & 1B (full year of first-year level)
  • Intermediate Arabic 2A & 2B (full year of second-year level)


Arabic 1A/1B

Arabic 2A

Arabic 2B

Please purchase the required textbook at least one week prior to course start date. In addition to the textbook, access to the Al-Kitaab Companion website will need to be purchased for $25 (instructions will be provided after registration).

online arabic

Course Fees (Continuing Education)

$700/person (per semester: Fall and Spring)
$1,400 for Summer Intensive (equivalent to two semesters)

Group Discount for 5 or more registering together:
$500/person (per semester: Fall and Spring)
$1,000 for Summer Intensive

Taking Arabic through continuing education is a great way for members of the general public to study the language in an academic manner. It is also beneficial for high school, undergraduate and graduate students who wish to improve their Arabic language fluency. Enrolling in this way means that no academic credit is granted and no transcript is provided for completed courses.

If you are a graduate student at another institution seeking academic credit for Arabic courses that can be transferred to your program, please contact for further information.

Refund Schedule:

Before June 1: 100%

June 1-14: 50%

After June 14: 0% refund but payment can be applied to a future semester

Arabic 1A

  1. Converse in the present tense to carry out everyday tasks
  2. Read and Comprehend short pieces of authentic media
  3. Write and type an essay of 100 words or more in the present and past tense
  4. Give an oral report of two minutes or more in the present and past tense
  5. Compare and contrast cultural and linguistic norms of Arabic varieties
  6. Identify, comprehend and perform simple grammatical structures
  7. Interpret and understand selected Hadith and verses of Quran.
  8. Maintain short conversation with a vocabulary of 350 words or more

Arabic 1B

  1. Narrate events in the past orally and in writing
  2. Express hopes, intentions, and plans in the future orally and in writing
  3. Order events by hour, day, and season orally and in writing
  4. Compare and evaluate views and ideas about relationships, religion, family, education
  5. Give an oral presentation using complex verbal clauses of 5 minutes or more
  6. Converse and write with a vocabulary of +600 words on a range of experiences
  7. Navigate the Modern Arabic Dictionary for grammatical and lexical information
  8. Describe explicitly how events unfold using complex sentence structures and ideas
  9. Initiate steady conversation using grammatical structures like complex verb and noun phrases and subordinate clauses

Arabic 2A

  1. Maintain steady conversation using more sophisticated grammatical structures like locative nouns, active and passive participles, passive constructions
  2. Communicate at length on celebrations, holidays, travels, history, and immigration in writing and conversation with appropriate stylistic variation.
  3. Order events by month, year, and date orally and in writing in Gregorian and Islamic calendars
  4. Read and comprehend a range of modern texts, their social contexts, and author’s voice
  5. Masterfully examine the Arabic dictionary to establish relations across lexical entries
  6. Parse and analyze a difficult text for nominal inflection and parts of speech
  7. Maintain a steady dialogue orally and in writing with a vocabulary of +900 words

Arabic 2B

  1. Speak and write stylistically with an expansive range of grammatical competence in modern standard FaSeeHa and classical FuSHa.
  2. Communicate with ease and flexibility on complex issues like justice, human rights, social and political movements, and modern technology
  3. Identify and interpret paralinguistic elements of a conversation, such as nuanced speech, tone, mood, irony and sarcasm
  4. Derive words in conversation and writing without rehearsal and communicate effectively using a vocabulary of +1200 words
  5. Read multiple genres of literature on the same topic with comprehension and discernment
  6. Read and comprehend large passages of Islamic literatures such as Quran, Hadith, Sīrah and Fiqh.
  7. Compose and edit a critical essay in 500 words or more that examines the topics above.

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