High quality, affordable Continuing Education and Life-long Courses are offered through Bayan Extension. Enrollment is open to adult learners. Consider the options described below.

Enroll in Bayan Online Courses for the Community

If you cannot attend Bayan as a degree-seeking or certificate student for credit, you can still benefit from the courses taught by our world-class faculty. Through BayanONLINE, you can complete graduate-level courses that have been developed from our academic program’s courses. You cannot receive academic credit for courses taken in this format.

The online courses are self-paced and you can get them all through an All-Access monthly subscription. Start on the path of knowledge today!

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Audit Our Graduate Courses

You don’t have to be enrolled in our degree programs to take a course at Bayan. Join our graduate students and study with visiting and local faculty by auditing one or more courses each semester. Auditors pay a nominal course fee, but do not earn transcript credit.

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Study Arabic Online

Bayan offers a 100% online Arabic program at the Beginning and Intermediate university level. The course is a combination of self-directed study following a curriculum and twice-weekly live online meetings with an instructor.

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