Bayan Islamic Graduate School is pleased to announce that with the beginning of the 2019-20 academic year, Shaykh Jihad Brown has been appointed as Resident Scholar and Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies. Brown will play a key leadership role in designing and executing an advanced curriculum in systematic theology and Islamic thought for students who wish to specialize in the rational sciences. This endeavor reflects Bayan commitment to bringing classical Islamic tradition into robust conversation with a variety of contemporary philosophical discourses, and offering new avenues of education for seekers of knowledge.

With Brown’s guidance, students in Bayan’s M.A. in Islamic Studies degree program will be able to engage more deeply in the area of theology by completing a specific set of courses taught by him in Islamic Theology (kalam), Legal Theory, and Ethics. This “directed study” track within the degree program is designed for aspiring academics and scholars who wish to excel in top level graduate and post-graduate work in Islamic Thought. Additionally, Brown’s appointment will enable Bayan to offer a seminary-style traditional Islamic sciences curriculum in conjunction with the M.A. programs offered, for those interested. Brown will also help convene major scholarly conferences, and offer seminars and workshops to the broader community.


SHAYKH JIHAD HASHIM BROWN is Resident Scholar and Assistant Professor at Bayan Islamic Graduate School. He is a classically trained Muslim scholar of the traditional Islamic disciplines, with a focus on theology, philosophy, jurisprudence, and legal theory. He is an American scholar who has lived, studied, and worked throughout Europe and the Arab world. Shaykh Jihad completed his degree in Psychology at Rutgers, and attained post-graduate degrees in Philosophical Theology and Philosophy at the University of Cambridge. He would further pursue a rigorous, classical curriculum with prominent Sharīʿah authorities in Syria and Morocco; at whose hands he became authorized—with advanced licenses (ijāzāt khāṣṣah)—to teach and pass on these sacred disciplines. As a critical public intellectual, Shaykh Jihad has appeared on various media outlets, such as BBC and CNN, and continues his work today as an academic consultant and writer on issues pertaining to Islam, Muslim American communities, and the interplay between normative Islamic thought and the modern world.